14 julio, 2024

The Argentine economy is located in the second place of development in Latin America, after the Brazilian economy. This is due to its wide diversity of climates, which notably favor the fertility of soils and allows an excellent agricultural and livestock activity to be established, which represent the main products exported by Argentina.To the aforementioned, the interest in guaranteeing the innovation of technologies that contribute to the production and development of food of an excellent quality is added. Thanks to this, the country has become one of the main exporters of organic products in all South America, also highlighting the whole world.

.Main products exported by Argentina: In the industry we can notice that the fame in relation to the products that Argentina exports derived from its wide livestock, is not in vain. At a global level, meat produced in the country has been recognized as one of the best, which in 2018 favored an increase in production to 63.7%, compared to previous years. It stood out as one of the countries with the highest production of meat of excellent quality that leads it to occupy an extraordinary status in terms of world exports.It is important to mention that the largest export of meat is sent to the United States, where it is in high demand. On the other hand, we can’t fail to emphasize the great amount of organic food that Argentina exports. Among them we can find:

*Cereals such as wheat and corn

*Oilseeds such as sunflower

*Soy and its derivatives in oils

Other products that are exported  Other products that leave the country are beer, tobacco, yerba mate and tequila. Also, a wide range of fruits and spices for food such as: pears, apples, peaplums, garlic, onion, chia, amaranth, quinoa, honey, sugar, peanuts, aromatic teas, tomatoes, among others. We can’t fail to mention that it is also an exporter of wood and has significant exports of paper and textiles, which are processed or manufactured.

Exports outside the agricultural and animal origin Other exports apart from those of agrarian and animal origin belong to the manufacture of automotive and auto parts for the assembly of vehicles. On the other hand, in a lesser proportion, but not less important, is the export of minerals such as aluminum, gold, silver, natural gas, petroleum and its petrochemical derivatives.  To promote the economy and exports of the Argentine Republic, the government launched in October 2018 a program which they called «Argentina Exports» with the aim of triple exports to the whole world by 2030, increasing the country’s exports by 316% with the participation of small and medium enterprises.

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