25 mayo, 2024



Ushuaia is one of the towns that make up the Patagonian tourist corridor next to Calafate and Puerto Madryn.

Capital city of the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands, located on the banks of the Beagle Channel.

Ushuaia is linked to images of «The end of the world» and «Gateway to the Antarctic.» The strong symbolic value of these images is the main attraction for travelers arriving at a territory that grew on the basis of a special customs regime that promoted the industrial location and whose loss of dynamism led to a greater appreciation of tourism as a source of income and Generation of jobs


The provincialization of the former National territory allowed the incorporation in the new provincial legislation the concern of local actors for the environment and economic activities related to nature and landscape. At the same time, the implementation of infrastructure works that covered local needs allowed meeting the growing demand of tourists. The increase of the tourism in the nineties was strengthened finally with the incorporation of the cruises.

As part of an experience of territorial development that has marked imbalances, tourism is emerging today as an activity capable of creating new opportunities and jobs

Ushuaia receives every year the influx of a large number of tourists and travelers who want to know the beauty of these tourist destinations.

Although each year receives a high number of tourists, it is rather a selective tourism, or adventure or alternative, this tourist space is for all that type of tourist who enjoys snow sports, rivers and know the cultures and different tourist points offered by this beautiful place.

The infrastructure in gastronomy and accommodation satisface the expectation to the public. It also receives thousands of international visitors that arrive until ushuaia attracted by the slogan of «reaching the end of the world»

Touristic destination if there are, ushuaia allows the practice of trekking, horseback riding, mountain biking, sport fishing and spectacular walks along the Beagle Channel and Bahia laPataia in Tierra del Fuego National Park. The presidio of the end of the world is another of its tourist attractions.

In winter, Cerro Castor is the winter center where, in addition to practicing skiing, it is possible to go sledding by snow dogs. Its modern means of elevation and its school of learning have made it to be one of the best centers of the country. Ushuaia is like this: It has everything and for everyone. For some, the end of the world. For others, the beginning of everything.

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