14 julio, 2024

It is important to emphasize that English speaking worldwide have historically been the forerunners in the development of technologies, mainly in the are of computer science and computing. As technological powers have contributed with innumerable discoveries and inventions, which are the basis of these sciences as we know them, for this reason almost the entire technical vocabulary that we use has its foundation in the English language.

English is the official language of the globalized world, which we are seeing today. There is the main reason why it is important; as we will see later; this has several implications especially in the world of work of the business and computing. Currently, English is considered the universal and international language. Due to the preponderance in the business world, both in England, and the United States. Every time you want to do business, with a company from another country, where both languages are different, well, And English will be the language to use, or to be understood.

Is more today, to be able to access certain jobs, it is essential to speak English, there are even studies that indicate that people who can speak English earn 30% more salary, the those who do not they drive.

This is how important the English language is. Talking about it can be the difference between closing a business or not, getting a job and finally, being able to earn a better salary than the rest, within the same company. And for what talk about computing with all its terms and the documentation o all the electronic devices that we use at home.
It is true that today most of the applications for users are available in Spanish, but many applications and less know programs are available in the market only in English.

In the world the internet, the amount of information I English exceeds many times the information available for Spanish speaking people. For those who enter deer into the field of computer science and programming, this language it becomes indispensable; to understand all the commands and the jargon in general, English speaking is indispensable.
It is that powerful, it is the process of faith the globalization that we are living. Therefore, it is no longer debated whether it is important or not to speak the English language. And it is that the organizations and countries that have designed and carry out the process of globalization, they have as their mother tongue or working language in English.

Reasons about the impotence of English?

1. It is the second mot spoken language in the world, followed by Chinese y the population numbers.
2. International universities require the presentation of a test in a foreign language English is chosen by the vast majority of students around the world.
3. It is the language of business, tourism and entertainment, etc.
4. 75% o the information through the different media (books, newspapers, radio, television, etc.) is provided in English.
5. This language is required for graduation in any professional career in most countries of the world.
6. Increase the possibility of being hired to those people who dominate a foreign language.
7. Develops thinking and production capacities.
8. Many instructional manuals are in English.
9. It allows you to get in touch with your people and your culture in a broad way.
10. On the internet is the language of though information is in this language.

1. Compite Science in spanish and computer science for spanish are the basis to cultivate
And extend spanish in the World that we have Libe. Without the adequate technological weapons our linguistic competitiveness will be good poor.

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