22 julio, 2024

The government and the afip open imports, they can be imported in a simplified way up to $ 75000

In another initiative that punishes the national industry the AFIP will allow from now on the import of up to usd 3000 simplified through courier, as far as the export will be the same but only up to usd 1000.»

In another measure that punishes the national economy, AFIP increased the amounts for simplified import and export. In the case of imports it went from USD 100 to USD 3000 and in the case of USD 100 to USD 1000 exports only. Always for the process that is carried out by courier through the «door to door» and «easy export» initiatives.

From the sector of the national industries they affirmed that the amounts should be limited for imports and increased for the expo if we pretend to have a surplus trade balance.

The update of the values ??was established from the General Resolution No. 4259 published today in the Official Gazette.

What is the difference between «Door to Door» and «Courier»

As detailed in the Afip website, «Door to door» is the system indicated for purchases of goods abroad that do not exceed 2 kilograms, and whose value does not exceed US $ 200.

«Courier», or Small shipments in as much, is the regime for purchases of merchandize that do not surpass the 50 kilograms, conformed by up to three units of the same species and that does not presume commercial purpose. For this case, the maximum amount goes from 1,000 to 3,000 dollars as a ceiling.


I believe that this measure punishes the national industry because it puts a cap on exports and benefits the importing users since they can buy more quantity from the foreign market. They would have to raise a little more the amount of export shipments so that domestic industries do not lose purchasing power and there is a balance in the trade balance.

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