16 junio, 2024

The English language is assumed as excellence for international trade. In the production of goods and services, production costs are low due to the fact that US companies use cheap labor, hiring workers hired in Latin American countries that do not speak English, which is why they do not have the right to have good wages because they do not speak English. In the economy, industry, business, international trade, throughout the productive world is written, spoken and read in English as an official language. If you handle the English language any worker will be opened almost all doors in the workplace and with better opportunities. Without a doubt, English is important and fundamental for our profession, although we can be successful professionals without mastering the English language. But today to handle another language is to duplicate the opportunities of success in life and par excellence and importance should be English that other language, managing English allows you to cross frontiers supported by the technology of communication and information. Our society must be aware that knowledge of English is one of the most useful and necessary tools when establishing international business.

The need to know English when establishing international business relationships reaches the point that there are a series of terms in English coined specifically for this type of business (usually including moving goods between countries). The so-called «Incoterms», from the acronym in English «International Commercial Terms» are necessary terms, which include specific connotations, coming from English and without any possible translation.

All this leaves only one interpretation open, and that is that when establishing international business relationships, the lack of a level of English, which must also be quite technical, can be and is a huge disadvantage and even the inability to establish such relationships.

The most common solution to these problems is the hiring of an interpreter external to the company, however few interpreters are specialized in this type of legal and commercial technicalities, so more and more companies opt for the option of instructing their own workers in the specific English required for your business.

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