28 mayo, 2024

the book is about solve a mistery

Genre: crime

type of narrator: is in 3rd person, omniscient, example: «Michelle and Bill started at the screen, they couldn´t believe their eyes».

Main conflict:

When in the art museum, after the big show: “east European culture and jewels of the atlantics coast” disappear the jewel of the show “the vampire’s tears”, and the security guard find dead. That´s why Nick, Bill and Michelle decide to investigate the strange case, finally, they discovered that victor and Daniza ere vampires and they killed a security guard and stole a jewel, the professor Morescu was their accomplice, and he goes to police station, for interrogation; the three teenage solved the case.

the protagonist:

Bill: young boy to eighteen years old with brown and blue eyes, recently graduate, from high school, he live with his parents and sister.He s going to work for a month in a museum

Michelle: teenage girl, she has red hair and blue eyes, she is Bill´s sister, she loves reading and solving.

Nick Chan: Bill´s friend he´s eighteen years old. He is going to live with his aunt and uncle in New York to study at university and he s going to s work in a museum


The antagonists are the professor Morescu and Victor and Daniza.

Professor Morescu: he´s from Eastern Europe, he was in charge the big show, he is tall, thin and pale skin and long grey hair.

Victor and Daniza: they work in a museum; they ere vampires, responsible for the theft  and security guard death.

Why is the book called: the vampire’s tear?

The jewel “vampire´s tear are stolen from the museum by Victor and Daniza who work for professor Morescu at the museum and  they three conspire to steal the diamond and give it back to owner, the prince vlad, that belonged to his dead wife.

Other characters:

  • Detective Ellis
  • Mrs Martin
  • Mr Martin
  • Marian Chan
  • Kevin Chan
  • Mr Simms

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