23 junio, 2024

Stands out for its history, its thinkers, writers and especially for its architecture, what country are we talking about? of Greece.

Is a country that I call a lot of attention in films, as in «a summer in trousers», where they show their landscapes and their culture.

It is currently known by the name of Greece, but formerly as Hellas Politically there were numerous «polis» or «State cities» and allied or faced.

His greatest development was on the side of philosophy as his great thinkers were those who developed the first concepts, on the other hand was characterized by the construction of temples with large pillars and gabled ceilings. In the music the folklore dances and their songs were executed every day in their activities.

Its monuments keep part of its history of ancient Greece, the various archaeological remains are the main tourist attractions, like the Temple of Poseidon, Acropolis of Athens, Tower of the winds, etc

It is also noteworthy that the museums of this country Heleno production works of original arts, and monuments such as Museum of Greek musical instruments, national Archaeologist Museum of Athens, Byzantine museum among others.

To finish with the attractions of this country we do not forget its great beaches with crystal-clear waters and its warm and dry climate as in the islands of Lipsi and and Tilos. Its typical Mediterranean food that share some techniques with Italy.

As well says the title I want to visit this country accompanied either with my family or my partner as we plan to get married tomorrow and have the honeymoon there because we both say that is our favorite place in the world.


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