20 junio, 2024

Yiwu, the largest exporter of «made in China» known as the «small commodity capital of the world», located in the south of the country, the first in sales volume, is seeking to capture exports from Latin America to reexport the world, in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Mexico and Chile.

«We want to import products from Latin America, there is much interest in Argentine wines, food from Brazil and Peru. Yiwu already sells Chilean fruit and wines and beef, pebbles and crystals from Brazil, but we are open to receiving more, «said Télam Regan, deputy director of Yiwus International Affairs office.

In that city there are already 15,000 foreigners who do business, but only 400 are Latino. Located in the center of Zhejiang province, which owns the largest Chinese port of loading and unloading, 300 kilometers from Shanghai, and with a population of 1.16 million, Yiwu sells 1.8 million different commodities that are Exported and marketed to 210 countries. 65% of these sales are foreign-oriented and are considered by the UN, World Bank and Morgan Stanley as «the largest small commodity wholesale market in the world.»

Merchants Paradise, this place has a market of 5 million square kilometers with more than 1 million products in 1,901 categories among 41 industries with more than 500,000 trading posts. «Going for it means a whole year,» Regan, deputy director of Yiwus Office of International Affairs, told representatives of the Latin American press in China, including Télam.

In addition, e-commerce expanded global reach. There are more than 255,000 sales accounts registered and about 2.88 million pieces are shipped daily to China and the world. Department stores in five districts are located in the width and length of the city; At a glance, the visitor quickly understands that from there all the «made in China» products come to the world: from souvenirs everywhere, through religious liturgy, talking dolls, fashion toys, millions of wallets to home furniture American, Russian, Brazilian, Japanese and Chinese style. All «basic life products» are there and 500,000 people a year arrive to buy and sell. «It is the number one selling point in China and the largest wholesaler in the world,» Regan said of this emporium, where 66% of Christmas products are sold worldwide. The process to start doing business in Yiwu «takes a day,» encouraged Regan, to synthesize the policy of «create a favorable business environment» that drives the province. Since Chinas reform and opening up, Yiwu has focused on deepening and developing the strategy of «building a city through commercial prosperity» and has already achieved the podium as the worlds largest circulation center for daily consumer goods.




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