21 mayo, 2024
  1. Glossary

A) Modification: Modify (The merchandise can be modified as long as the customs service allows it).

Import: Introduction of goods to a customs territory (An import may be made with prior authorization)

Export: Extraction of goods from a customs territory

Commodity: merchandise. Object to be imported or exported (The goods will be classified by the harmonized designation and coding system)

Customs Territory: The customs territory is the terrestrial aquatic and air environment subject to the sovereignty of the Argentine Nation (In the customs territory a system of tariffs and of economic prohibitions will be applied to the imports and exports)

Compulsory insurance (All merchandise must have compulsory insurance to be imported or exported)

Customs dealer: Customs agents are those persons of visible existence who carry out on behalf of other procedures and procedures related to the export or import (The dispatcher must be presented to customs to submit documentation)

Transport: transport. Vehicle or means used to move people or things from one place to another (The transport must submit authorization to enter the customs territory)

Documents: documents (Importers and exporters must have all documents before the deadlines expire)

Smuggling: contraband. Act or omission that prevents or hinders, by means of deception or deception, the proper exercise of the functions that the laws agree to the customs service for the control of imports and exports (Smuggling is a crime and will be punished by the judiciary)

Email Writing – Introducing ourselves to our London colleagues

From: Insurance company

To: Insuranse company in London

Subject: Import

To whom it may concern, We are pleased to announce, we are of the company of    insurances Pro insurance, we are a company that insures the imports of merchandise like the machinery for the factory or the machinery of transport for the companies, our work is to control that the machines are in the codings at the moment to import them.We work from Monday to Friday. We start at 8 oclock in the morning and end on the tapes and the afternoon media.We like to check documentation and parts of the machines, we love our work, but we do not like when we find errors.If you need any further information, feel free to contact me.

Insurance Company Insurance Pro, greetings.

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