21 junio, 2024
Together with a group of friends, Walter Bulacio left on April 19, 1991 to the Sanitary Works stadium, where during the night they would offer a concert their highest idols: Los Redonditos de Ricota. For this they had rented a bus that would pick up a huge group of young followers of the band.
But the first bad news came when the boys approached the ticket office of the stadium and checked that the tickets for the recital had been exhausted. However, a large number of young people stayed on the sidewalk bordering the stadium, evaluating the different possibilities of being able to access the concert.
As it happened, a police group approached a firm step in order to develop a razzia among the people who were in the vicinity to the Stadium Works. The treatment of the officers was severe and unfriendly, even with the girls who remained in the place, and after requesting the documents of the young people, the police decided to transfer a total of seventy-three of them to the 35th police station of Núñez , Since none of them had entry
The episode, for Walter who was only 17 years old and did not know what a dungeon was, as for many who were transported on the cell truck, was surely on the way to become an interesting anecdote that would be told to his classmates during days. However, that detention marked the end of Walters life.
After being wounded at the 35th police station, Walter was placed in a cell with ten other young men like him. Soon after, the beatings began, so strong and inhuman that a week later they would provoke the inevitable death.
The morning after his arrest, Walter was referred to the Pirovano Hospital, where he was diagnosed as having a head injury. Five days later, on March 26, after being transferred to the Miter Sanatorium for his treatment and at the request of his parents, the young rich man of 17 years left for ever this life, generating a great controversy around the work of The Federal Police.
Later investigations sowed considerable doubts about the police authorities, since in spite of the fact that his death was initially declared by a non-traumatic cerebral aneurysm, the truth is that the subsequent autopsy resulted in Walter being beaten in the head , In the torso and in the limbs with strong objects. Even a doctor on duty at Pirovano Hospital assured that the young man, before losing consciousness, had assured him that he had been beaten by police.
Although former commissioner Miguel Ángel Espósito was initially charged, even today, twenty years after the murder of Walter, there is no conviction in the case. The State has paid compensation to the young mans family, but the guilty parties are still free.
And despite all of Walters grandmother, Dona Maria, she still believes in Justice and does not resign herself to impunity, so she always repeats: «If I had not trusted Justice, I would have learned to handle a revolver»; While the background «Lost Toys», the song that the Redonditos de Ricota composed in homage to Walter.

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