12 julio, 2024

Importance of logistics software in a company

The current market is constantly growing. Due to this, companies need the support of information technologies to optimize the processes of the different areas of the business, and the use of transport and logistics software is significantly improving, not only the management processes, but also the Margins obtained, helping companies to achieve competitive rates and total control of their profitability.

The implementation of specialized software has become an indispensable tool for transport and logistics companies.

The objective of these companies is to maximize their o
ns and improve the interaction with their clients. In this way, the areas of logistics and transportation are in direct connection with production and the market, so they are defined as «indispensable sectors for the development of the business».

This is an inalienable aspect of the industrial sector: transport, organization of warehouses, provision of materials, etc. A task that usually works with a large volume of information and requires order and organization. For this reason, it is common in the sector to rely on logistics software to facilitate the organization of the corresponding tasks.

With the installation of a Warehouse Management Software you can optimize all the movements, processes and operations within your warehouse. This will result in cost savings and an improvement in service quality.

With a WMS Software or management system you can control:

  • Goods receptions
  • All storage tasks
  • Traceability
  • Real-time permanent inventory
  • Information of movements within the logistics process
  • The process of preparation of orders and expedition

In what areas can software specialized in logistics and transportation help you

  • Fleet of vehicles: Your software for transport facilitates the classification of vehicles through technical data sheets, as well as help in the management of alerts, penalties or claims and in the control of consumption, invoices and repairs necessary for the optimal maintenance of Your fleet of vehicles.
  • Personnel management: The logistics of your company needs to maintain absolute control of all types of information regarding company personnel. Your logistical software provides you with the storage and management of payrolls, contract histories, telephone consumption, embargoes, advances, etc.
  • Stocks and inventories: Without the direct control of stock and the automation of inventories your company

Logistics may be lost. A specialized software is an accurate tool for the management of lots, series of products, documents or tariffs.

  • Billing: In the same way, the billing area is also an essential part of logistics. The management software helps you manage the services through automatic and personalized invoices, maintaining a total connection between the purchasing / sales management and the accounting of your company.

Software for transport management


Simplifies transport management. It is aimed at transport companies, logistics service providers or hotel service providers.

  • Automates the processes of bidding, execution, monitoring and installation for the transport of loads.
  • Tools especially useful for intermodal transport.
  • Integrates finance with management processes.

IBM Enterprise Content Management

It helps companies in transport management face challenges such as globalization, consolidation, the need for more flexible supply chains and improved safety.

  • Collect paper documents electronically at the «point of entry».
  • Captures and retains all documents and communications produced throughout its life cycle.
  • Provides consistency, accuracy and timeliness in the publication of policies, procedures, forms, documentation and training materials.


It improves the management of the transport and for that reason, from its proposal of integral platform allow to reach the cost economy by facilitating the choice of the best alternative in each case. They also guarantee the agility and security of the processes and the flow of documentation, thanks to the automatism that your system allows.

Includes tools that allow you to manage: loading, distribution, drivers, orders, subcontractors, trailers and vehicles.

Warehouse Management Software

Aqua Intelligent Warehouse

A system for the control, optimization and management of warehouse processes,

Aqua eSolutions offers Aqua Intelligent Warehouse that helps maximize warehouse space, minimize the costs associated with storage and empowers the business to improve service levels.

It offers a warehouse map system

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