14 julio, 2024

The emotional intelligence is the ability to handle emotions conduce our behaviors, and the relationship with the rest of the people.

Emotions such as anger, sadness, pleasure and love are some of the main ones.

People who possesses emotional intelligence acts with a «consciousness» that give them  the ability to recognize the way our emotions affect our actions.

This helps to act and be able to manage working groups with common objectives in the best way, since the academic and rational part to work is essential to know, to know how to manipulate the human part, setting motivation, habits, and reals relationships of work.

When emotional intelligence is included in the company, an increase in productivity of 18% has been demonstrated, which demonstrates the importance of including the emotional along with the usual rational.

“Humberto Maturana” says that «It is not the reason that drives us to action, but the emotion», since this intelligence focuses on the «Intrapersonal» and «Interpersonal» , Managing in the first the relation with oneself and its self-control, when the «Interpersonal» expresses the relationship with the people that surround me and my social skills.

Together they create the power to manage work groups in the most efficient way, combining reason and emotion.

Some of the aspects that must predominate in a company that wants to include emotional intelligence as an incentive to production are:

-Empathy: The person in charge of delegating to the company has to recognize emotions in their employees and know how to put themselves in their place.

Social skills: The leader will adopt motivation, enthusiasm, ability to manage moments of crisis together with effective communication.

Flexibility: Foster profile that has understanding and dialogue.

Optimism: People who believe in achieving the objectives and transmit them.

Auto consciousness: Know and manage your emotions.

Auto control: Know the limits of each emotion and in which cases it is necessary to transmit or generate some of them.

Applied Emotional Intelligence

The Applied Emotional Intelligence, (AEA)Now, a recruiter will be able to recognize in the selection a balanced and complete profile by clearing the mental connections and the emotions, while also executing a parallel analysis of trainings accordingly at the job level.

First the technical profile, essential as long as it is controlled emotionally and psychologically, because for a lot of career and qualifications that have been acquired at a formative level.

Now the specialties demand a greater capacity of discernment of the personnel that we interviewed, as far as their emotional potentials. We could say that the psychologist is almost the only professional who will be 100% trained to interview the new era of digital employees.

The profiles of the new generation have trained themselves to increase all levels of professionals with whom they are going to interact.

In this way asking so many technical requirements to all candidates, we are self-demanding at all levels of the company, for example so with the knowledge in Marketing, Sales, technologies, if we ask for a particular profile for a position, all The company must be already adapted to that profile; This is not yet fully assimilated in the selection processes by executives demanding professionals, who in most cases are above the profile of their bosses and colleagues.

It is necessary to assume that one should not be the best, but to be surrounded by the best, and here is a very confident work of confidence among the great executives who are afraid of losing their positions and who still prefer to surround themselves with less able to not risk their status; This is the biggest mistake that can and should be left to commit a director or a person in charge of selection of personnel.

It is necessary to reinforce the leadership figures, and not to convey that anyone has his post in the air, the authentic leader knows how to get the best of each and empathize with the emotions of their employees.

To make this an achievement should promote a healthy competitiveness, not let high positions conform to less than what employees can give, with a control and follow-up based on feedback and achievement of objectives, always be with The clear and present objectives, so that it will be reinforced that all «seek and give the best of themselves, and there we can find surprises in people with incredible emotional abilities, who did not seem skilled specialists.

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