12 junio, 2024

In the traditional high cordobesas summits, more precisely in the valley of the mountain rage, San Javier, place of vacations and recreation of many Argentineans and foreigners that visit them in search of changes of air and to be filled of the energy that transmits the place, was constructed The farm La Matilde.

Which is a project that takes to the extreme details and commitment to the environment, following the highest national and international standards.

Its main characteristics make it the first eco-sustainable and biodynamic development in the country.

A place that goes back to us times where the earth and the man work together giving each other benefits so that both can be nourished at the same time.

It is in its quality of sustainability where everything there is produced does not have added chemicals and that mixing together with biodynamic, allows to govern by the times of nature the times of harvest and carved of the stay. Everything Matilde produces, from the exquisite goat cheeses in their different versions to the vegetables and wines have the seal of organic and biodynamic. The commitment to the medium is in every detail. Following the principles of profitability and showing that both criteria, both environmental protection and a good income are possible. La Matilde offers the option of acquiring a plot of land of two thousand five hundred square meters average, being able to build a house with the traditional materials of the zone or the option of bricks in version of one or two bedrooms and to acquire part of the productive farm, that Includes wine and cheese production.

The owners of the venture say «for us it is a pleasure to have a unique product of its kind and to offer other customers the possibility of being part of a business of high economic and emotional profitability.»

This refers to the possibility of living in the place and being part of the project.

The enterprise also has a cabin and Creole horses, with forty hectares of natural environment with hiking trails, an exclusive inn, where it is served to eat in its gourmet rest with a cuisine based on the food produced on the farm, as to stay, is a strong demonstration that describes the essence of La Matilde and where you can Observe works of a local blacksmith and wooden furniture made by artisans of the area among other details.


In this way the owners wish to multiply the initiative throughout the country. In a cost-effective way and giving an aid to the environment is how these owners help the planet for future generations.

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