23 junio, 2024

Before beginning in logistic definition is the process of strategic management of the storage and transfer of resources, raw materials, stocks and finished goods between the places of origin manufacturing and consumption; In other words, logistics is the link between production and the market. This word has its origins in the ancient Greece where it was known like logistic to the supply and utilization of resources that the soldiers needed in time of war. Nowadays times have changed so their meaning varied to what we defined in advance. 91
The importance of logistics is given by the need to improve the service, lies in the full use of itself, and how it benefits companies. Logistics allows us to minimize the value of costs throughout the production process in an efficient and efficient way, which directly impacts to the profitability of the company. This is responsible for choosing which means of transport are the most suitable for each type of merchandise, based on profitability (time and cost).
The most important factor of its usefulness is to minimize the use of capital by maintaining an efficient production chain and the quality of the product, one way of achieving this is maximizing sales, among other utilities is helping to attract new customers, and Improve the relationship with them. Since its specialized use the supply chain has become significantly more efficient, it also helps to improve the export and transportation, from its maintenance, to the way in which the goods must be transported, and in this way increases the value of perception against the client. Logistics maintains in its process an exhaustive control over not damaging the environment, its processes are ecological.
Currently logistics is considered a fundamental piece for companies, since it has incorporated several departments within an organization, these are:
-Human Resources
Many companies are responsible for offering their own logistics services to third parties in order to support them in their processes. Also this is a transcendental tool that is used for the commercialization of some product to international markets; So it is vital to fully understand the entire logistics process, which consists of strategy planning, instrumentation equipment and control of what was previously planned, to follow up is taken into account the movement or circulation of warehouses, In order to have knowledge of how efficient it is in the production process, all this in order to satisfy and satisfy the customers needs, and if you can surpass all your expectations.
Another important aspect is that as previously stated increases the profitability of companies and this increases the challenge of globalization, this allows a greater competitiveness.
The traditional definition of logistics asserts that a product acquires its commercial value when it is received by the customer in a timely way, at the lowest possible cost.

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