22 junio, 2024

A trip organized all at the last moment. Those are the best trips, it gives a little more vertigo or adventure that is what one looks for when traveling. To the trip we were two people, me (Pablo) and my partner (Nadia). We leave from the airport of Ezeiza, which is about 45 minutes by bus from the city.

When the bus was delayed, time did not reach us to arrive on time, We had to run, suitcase in hand. We got to the airport and left for Ireland. We left Argentina with warmth, shirt and shorts. We came to Ireland to shelter ourselves … and to get a little wet.  Arriving at Kerry Airport, we rented a car, and set off. It was fun and strange at the same time traveling on the left side without having to drive. My girlfriend took the wheel. The routes are very narrow in Ireland and I had the feeling that we were not going to crash all the time. We survived…

 The City of Killarney

We did not stop for a second during the four days we were in Ireland. I will try my best to express in these words all the adventures we had in those four days in Ireland. Arriving in Killarney, our friend Patrick was waiting for us. We stayed in a “Bed & Breakfast”, of the many that are in the area, which has a large influence of tourists, especially from the United States. We left our stuff and went to tour the city.In the city center there was a long street with many flags of different nationalities. The Argentine was lost there among the others. We went around, just to see where we could go to the night to eat something and listen to some music.

To come back an old man approached us and spoke to us. I automatically thought that he would ask us for money. But what it actually offered was a horse-drawn carriage ride through the Killarney National Park. Patrick who already knew the route said it was something we had to do, and was not wrong.The walk by car was one of the best things we did in that European country.The man would be over 50 and told stories of Ireland that came to life, and it seemed that the actors of the same had recently been walking around the places we visited.The walk lasted one hour and aimed to show us the whole national park, its forests, lakes, mountains, a castle, and parts of the city, while the old man explained everything we saw.In the middle of the walk we stopped for a few minutes so the horse could rest, drink water and eat. We were able to visit the castle called «Ross». It is a small construction, from which you can see the islands that are in the lake. Each island has a different name and history, some of which our guide told us.

Torc Waterfall

After a fabulous visit to Killarney National Park, we went to a little waterfall called the Torc Waterfall. It is hidden in the middle of a very green forest.The air breathes fresh, as in addition to trees and plants, the humidity is quite high.The waterfall was beautiful, and with these landscapes I would have liked to be a photographer, nature does all the work for us. We jumped on the rocks, took some photos and went on our way.

The irish breakfast

Which provides enough calories to calmly get to dinner. There were 3 days to feed us that breakfast every morning.The things that can be found in the Irish breakfast are: two sausages, eggs (which can be fried or beaten) bacon, also sauteed beans with tomato sauce and also fried tomatoes. Maybe breakfast is the reason the Irish are so red … because of the high pressure they should have.


Clonakilty is a village in the south of Ireland, which has access to the sea.We went to a bar / restaurant called “An Súgán”, which apparently is very well known, and we ate something, which was small since we came to eat a lot the day before. We went for a walk around the streets after the meal, and ended up at another bar. There we started talking to two Irishmen who while we were going by our first they were already going by the fourth. There we all got together to see rugby, a very popular sport in that country.When we finished what we were taking, we went to Indchidoney, which was where our hotel was.

Last day

The last thing we did on the trip before we left was to visit the «Muckross house». It was an old house with a very nice architecture, which gave to an incredible landscape, like most of the time we were in Ireland: mountains, a valley … this time the drizzle and the wind gave up that melancholic air that needed.We did a tour of the different families who lived in the house, which was very interesting because of the different habits that people had so long ago: in this case, hunting.We had no choice but to go to the airport to start the journey. It was 3 very active days, which left us tired, but full of adventures, and in my case, curiosity for all the things we saw, and of course … very eager to return!

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