21 junio, 2024

Sales are important part in the tourism industry because through this the same moves, you could say that it is one of the main factors to take into account when negotiating a trip to particular destination required by the client and provide something of interest, comfort and economic accessibility.

The technician must be a someone qualified to manage and develop the operational processes, administrative and commercial tourism businesses, It is responsible for dealing with customer and advise you on all the information that it needs and answer their questions and concerns.

The variety of trips varies according to the destinations more challenged by the people and the most used and or purchased by the same customers.

A travel agency is a private company that makes intermediary between clients and providers (Airlines , hotels, cruise travel, etc.), in order to sell them products and services linked to those trips at certain prices and conditions especially attractive in relation to which could get go directly to these providers.

The industry is wide and offers different types of services within it. Transport and accommodation are two of the basic tourist services.

It is common that tourists should acquire bus, train or plane tickets to travel to their destination, once arriving must hire a hotel, hostel or other type of accommodation for the night, everything can be included in the travel package independent of what the tourist has contracted. Hotels in general also tend to offer independent services more beyond what you include previously this package, different kinds of activities like sports, excursions, guided tours and car hire, services more own hotel like the casinos (if you have them), health care, etc.

Restaurants, bars and nightclubs can also be part of the tourist services contracted by a tourist. The packages offered by tourism agencies can include lunch or dinner, drinks or entertainment center tickets. In some cases, the tourist services include the participation of a travel guide. It is professionals who provide information on the historic, cultural or natural heritage of the site as is this crossing. The tourist information offices, which tend to be administered by the State, are other spaces that a tourist can visit to get useful data for your walks.


The Agency must provide the best service available and ensure customer completely satisfied in all the senses of your trip, not having the most minimum error so that in the future these people to travel with them. Services should be, travel in time and time with your matched comfort and punctual front desk, hotel pleasant, entertaining and interesting excursions and the best possible treatment by the staff and professionals in their care and a chord shuttle. If all these rules are fulfilled you could say that the service was pleasant for the tourist.

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