25 mayo, 2024

The Evacuation plan is the Human Planning and Organization for the optimum use of the technical means envisaged with the aim of minimizing the possible consequences that could result from a situation of risk, is therefore a form of action that must be elaborated So that each employee knows what he has to do and take it to the practice in the shortest possible time.


He is the head of Emergency, until they take charge of the authorities (firemen, police, etc.)
He will go to the base site to direct the evacuation (PB of the building)
Request information on the floor where the incident began
Evaluate the situation
Order the general alarm tone for the floor in emergency and those potentially involved

Technical Head:
Proceed to cut the services of the building: elevators and hoists, escalators, electric power, etc.

Security boss:
Confirms the alarm, notifies the fire department, police, emergency medical service

Floor manager:
Report the incident to the Director
Proceed to evacuation
Pre-count people
Verify total unemployment in each sector
Keeps order in the evacuation, so that no panic is generated
Informs the Director when all personnel have evacuated the property

Fire Control Group:
Assess the situation of the injured sector
Report the situation to the Director
It informs to the firemen the measures taken and the tasks carried out until that moment.

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