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Public Relations are the actions that  carried out to improve the links of an organization with the general public, based on communication.

Often said that this is a bidirectional relationship because public relations are dedicated to transmit and receive information.

They are of special importance within organizations as they seek to persuade and retain the public, for example the customers of a particular company to purchase their products or services.

Public relations area within an organization 

In organizations, public relations can be managed from a specific area for this purpose, especially when several people are involved in these tasks.

Who integrates the public relations area?

The answer depends on the size of the organization and the relationship sought for the public. Usually the public relations area are made up of specialists in marketing, communication, journalism, psychology, sociology and other disciplines

Public Relations Functions

Manage communication, especially with the outside of the organization *Know and evaluate public opinion about the organization

?Propose changes aimed at improving the relations of the organization

?Relate to the media

?Make use of new technologies to communicate and receive opinions

?Spread the identity and philosophy of the organization

Negative public relations

Public Relations work are called based on discrediting the counterpart, whether a company, organization, political, marketing campaign, etc. For this reason, usually understand very well the society and public opinion, in order to generate rumor that goes to the detriment of the popularity of whom it is desired to discredit. Another way is, to act directly with evidence, always involving the most media at the beginning to establish a single message to the community.


These actions are common in political campaigns, where depends on ethics, that you can act with truth of the facts, or on the contrary, simply sowing a rumor that involves the counterpart in a fact that despite not really being involved, The high caliber of lying makes him lose popularity.

Public relations have gained new tools from the appearance of information and communication technologies, and it is essential to use them. Some examples are social networks and blogs.

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