21 junio, 2024

Safety conditions as a risk factor at work are mainly attributed to factors of the physical type in the place where work is performed as the cause of accident to the worker, where the lack of such a condition increase the chances of the accident Exists at work, the following materials and spaces are taken into account:

Corridors, Transit surfaces, Lifting instruments, Transport vehicles, Machines, Work tools, Installations at work, Environmental conditions

The factors that will cause an accident at work are attributed to those that may exist in the workplace, these are divided into:

Physical agents
Chemical agents
Ergonomic conditions
The work carried out by the workers is also related to the requirements for which it is submitted, as it relates to the following aspects:

Effort: Handling of loads, Postures at work, Levels of attention
All these, added to the individual characteristics that all work possesses in particular, derive in a load for the worker heading as a fatigue. Ergonomics is the discipline in charge of helping to minimize the risks derived from these factors, because this, aims to adapt the work to the man.

Organization of Work
The organizational models that exist in the workplace, can cause problems in workers, resulting in a large number of symptoms such as dissatisfaction and stress, the branch of psychology is in charge of collaborating in aspects related to the organization, Risk factors are attributed to the following aspects:

Pace of work

Below are some threats in the work environment.

The noise is that sound unwanted and dangerous for the health of the workers. The level is related to pressure and frequency to bass and treble. We must carry out preventive actions such as: A program to eliminate noise, immediate reduction, personal protective equipment …
Poor lighting can cause visual fatigue, some of the factors that can produce it are: A poor level of lighting, reflections on the screen, direct glare, contrast effects on the retina …
The temperature should be adequate so as not to disturb or disturb the workers. Exposure to cold is considered dangerous when the temperature of the body is so low that they get to suffer tremors and serious alterations. On the other hand, exposure to the sun can cause dizziness, dizziness and cardiac disorders.
In the radiations we can find two types: Ionizers produced by X-rays and non-ionizing produced by ultraviolet radiation or laser beams.
The vibrations are grouped as follows: Vibration transmitted to the mono-arm system that can produce, nervous system disorders, dizziness, vomiting, vascular problems … And on the other hand the vibration transmitted to the whole body that could generate problems in the spine Vertebral

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