18 mayo, 2024

Import and export in Argentina

Where does Argentina export?

The main destination of Argentina for its exports during 2013 was Merco Sur, with 22.557 million dollars which represents 27, 8% of the total sales of the country. The most outstanding item was the Manufactures of industrial origin.

The second most important destination is the European Union, and the third is the Nafta not only exported to these destinations, among the other export destinations:

Chile, China, Japan and Egypt.

With which countries are imports made?

Argentina, imports electronic products machinery for industries and cars. In Argentina there is little technological development, so you have to import product from China and the United States. Transport vehicles, cell phones and air craft parts are leading the country’s imports.

It also imports some fuels such as diesel oil from Russia, Chile, and the United States, and minerals such iron from Brazil. A country that disability the competition and got in first place.

How could sales grow in the country?

Argentina is country that can reasonably grow if it focuses on national industry, reducing the number of unemployed.

In my opinion, Argentina is one of the main exporting countries in the world, because in addition to exporting manufactures of industrial origin to Brazil or naphtha to the European Union, Chile, China, Japan and Egypt. You could also export other types of merchandise, such as beef, wheat, soy, corn, among others. With regard to imports, I believe that if Argentina generates more industries and starts to create the products it imports, it would not have to import more products. And this would generate more profits to the country.

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