22 julio, 2024

The function of the Human Resources (HR) Department of each company is to manage people and teams, with their emotions and motivations, and integrate them into the culture and goals of the company. This is crucial for establishing competitive advantages and obtaining high performance from human capital.

HR experts should be aware of key issues such as change management, emotional intelligence, recruitment techniques, motivation and retention of talent as well as having negotiation and communication skills.


1 – Know how to efficiently capture and recruit the appropriate profiles for each job, using tools (test and evaluation models, surveys, etc.) to manage equipment and obtain maximum performance.

2- Design training plans and projects, from the detection of needs to their evaluation, inside and outside the Organization.

3- Value people with good interpersonal skills, they have to be able to work as a team, they have to be able to be open to other cultures, they have to be prepared to change things

4- Implement the performance evaluation, as it is of great importance, because it allows employees to analyze their work and find areas for improvement.

5 – Implement safety and health programs for personnel – Know the current legislation on health and safety at work.

6 – Identify for each specific case the legal instrument to be used, through the generic knowledge of the different contents of the right to apply during their working life.

It is the responsibility of HR managers to share experiences to facilitate the development of skills, motivation and career. It should be borne in mind that employees are the backbone of every organization.


FUENTE: (Revista interna empresa WEBER)

                                                                                        Sabrina Verónica Fonte

                                                                                           RRHH – 2°Año

                                                                                           INSTITUTO IEA SEDE AVELLANEDA

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