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The success of companies depends, to some extent, on human resources but , how profitable can be this profession ?

Nowadays, the Human Resources area of a company is very important, because they are helpful in managing the main workforce of the human capital. For this reason, any company that bets on growth and consolidate itself in its niche will invest in this area, which means that professionals who have chosen this career will benefit, not only the growing demand of graduates in Human Resources, but also the amplitude on the field of application. Opportunities will not lack!


This profession is ideal for those people who development without problems to different groups of people, for those who enjoy social interaction, for those who have skills for oral and written communication, those who possess leadership skills, for those who think before acting, for those who are analytical, methodical, and empathetic toward others.

Human Resources is one of the most chosen careers for young people who wish to enter into the business world from a softer perspective, who care about the quality of life of workers and their relationship with the organizations from which they belong. People who want to approach this profession can take courses, tertiary or undergraduate courses, and then specialize in the activity process that excites them most. It has wide labor opportunities, being able to improve it either from an internal sector of the company or from outside through the consultancy.

As from my personal experience, I can say that when I joined the Human Resources Tertiary I thought only in an administrative perspective.However, I was able to open my mind to countless possibilities; there are many policies that can be applied so that the staff and the company are mutually benefited. It is a career designed for the future graudated so they have the ability to incorporate creativity into the different processes that compete with Human Resources, innovate them, from the selection of personnel to training and evaluations.The area of Human Resources is the most complex sector of the company, It is not only based exclusively on numbers, but also combines them with the needs of employees, both labor and economic as well as emotional. Professionals? who choose this career are the ones interested in psychology and the human facet of organizations. The profession of Human Resources management offers the possibility to work on all the processes involved in the sector and has no limits but the ones set by the professional himself or the company. It has a wide range of applications that can cover the preferences of most people.

Why do I study human resources?


  • It has a wide field of application.
  • It allows you to participate in the creation of more human organizations.
  • It has an important job exit and allows, in case of not wanting to work in dependency relationship, set up an external consultancy.
  • It collaborates in the development of a more equitable society in which the employees are taken as true human resources ??and not only as labor.
  • Exercising the profession can be stressful, but if you work with companies that want a true development of the sector can be more than satisfactory.
  • Companies need professionals who can manage the policies of their staff who can unify their needs with theirs.

It helps you to strengthen tolerance against frustration, since companies often do not have the same way of thinking as you and they do not seek to benefit their staff, just their economy. For countries where there are inequalities in the quality of education, it is essential to qualify for a professional technical education, in which graduations been able to transform their concrete reality towards a more human society.

Functions of Human Resources Administration.

The importance that derives from the labor functions are of the following points of view:

  • Environment
  • Harmony in labor relations
  • Production levels
  • Rights and obligations
  • Concatenate efforts
  • Satisfy capital minus labor
  • Competencies
  • Lifeconditions


The purpose of personnel management is  improve the productive contribution of personnel to the organization, within a framework of ethical and socially responsible actions.

The problem

One of the important problems faced by students who finish a vocational training is the insertion in this highly competitive labor market and the constant need to adapt to increasingly changing environments. For this reason, the development of key competences, i.e. those competences that can be transferred to any work environment, should be one of the priorities to be taken into account in vocational training forming.


Innovative initiatives are needed to help young people find their first job. The investments to benefit young entrepreneurs, local and distance orientation systems, the cooperation of  public and private sectors for the development of new recruitment experiences and a flexible and renewed training offer that allows the permanent update of young people and adults are some of the initiatives that can help reduce the gap between education and employment.


In terms of describing the importance and developing the problem that arise in this area. I can say that the career of Human Resources is an excellent option to study, with a great work exit and a number of new things to discover,  learn day by day, so in a certain future once graduated and exercising the profession , I can help to manage and improve the work climate of the human resources of an organization.

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