25 mayo, 2024

Marketing is the business function that includes market research, product development, pricing, communication, promotion, product sales and distribution of its products and / or services. Another of the most accepted definitions is that which considers it as a social and administrative process through which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want to create and exchange goods and services. Marketing has two dimensions:

Strategic and Tactical. Strategic Marketing is based on the analysis of individual´s needs organizations, and tactical Marketing in the various means or instruments to satisfy them

Marketing has the following functions:

-Purchases: Search for purchase and services necessary to satisfy a need and evaluation of them to obtain the lowest price.

– Sales: Through the promotion of the product by the seller or advertising. It is the most visible.

– Logistics: Which includes storage and transportation of the product.

– Financing: Providing resources and covering expenses.

– Information: Function that induces the production of a particular product for buyers. This function is based on previous research.
Market It is the place where buyers and sellers exchange their goods or services. But the development of the trade, by its characteristics, breadth, etc. is not usually carried out directly between the interested parties (buyer and seller), but through intermediaries that the facilitators of exchanges, through the use of a Common unit of measure than the coin.


Source consulted, own production.


Barrios Otero Natalia Mariana

Marketing 2° sábado intensivo

Instituto IEA Avellaneda


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