23 junio, 2024

International trade involves the exchange of goods, goods and services between the countries, regions or economic blocs of the world, either through official bodies or through individuals.

As international trade, or international trade and customs, it is also called a discipline whose object is the study and analysis of international commercial operations, its guidelines, requirements and regulations, as well as the aspects that this covers in customs, economic , Financial, legal and administrative, among others.

International trade, whose greatest boom began in the 1990s, is characteristic of countries with open economies. In this sense, it facilitates the flow of products and services worldwide, making available to people a greater variety of options. In addition, it contributes to the development and prosperity of nations, to the satisfaction of their needs, and to the improvement of the labor and living conditions of their inhabitants, since the exchange of products, goods and services stimulates investment in the productive sector, Allows the country to obtain foreign exchange, favors the mobility of resources and generates new jobs.

International trade today is given a political, social and cultural importance, linking various countries and economic regions through trade relations based on the exchange of goods (raw material, semi-finished products or finished) and services (financial, legal , Tourism, communication, accounting, advertising, consulting, insurance, etc.).

International trade and foreign trade

The difference between international trade and foreign trade is that international trade refers to the set of transactions, both of a commercial and financial nature, which, generally appreciated, take place on the world stage, while foreign trade Refers in particular to trade which constitutes a State with one or more States, but which is observed from the perspective of that State.

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