20 junio, 2024

Villa Carlos Paz in Cordoba, Argentina. Recognized and attractive place of our country one of the biggest tourist cities of the country, in the eyes of the traveler is a destination mostly chosen by tourists, to rest, travel graduates.When deciding where to travel, it is chosen for its impressive landscape richness, with its mountains, rivers and lakes. With its great centers of attraction for tourism.

Places to visit:

The Cuckoo Clock

Inaugurated on May 25, 1958, the sound mechanism was powered by a half-horsepower electric motor. The decoration of the box, with hand-carved leaves, is a real work of craftsmanship, and the great Cuckoo bird of polychrome wood peers out to sing the hours and the half hours, accompanied by a giant gong.

Located in a small square on Bv. Sarmiento and Av. Uruguay, Cucú Clock represents an icon for the city and that is why you can observe different groups of people waiting with their camera to capture the moment the bird leaves his house.


To find a new view of the city. Submerged in the serrana peace, we contemplate a beautiful image of the valley of Punilla and its environs. Best Accommodations in Villa Carlos Paz

The air of the mountains woke us up on a new morning. For that day we had planned to expand the perspective by climbing one of the most emblematic hills in the region. In this way we would get a magnificent panoramic view of the city.

Tourist Package:

  • Alta: 4 Star Hotels
  • 7 days, 5 nights.
  • Excursions included within package 3: (2 full day excursion and 1 half day)

Some of the recommended hotels:

Hotel Pinares del Cerro:

In the middle of the hills of Cordoba and located in front of the vibrant city of Villa Carlos Paz, there is the Cerro Del Ensueño: at its feet stands a unique complex of its kind, the Hotel Pinares del Cerro.

With a unique architecture, combining a historic center with an imposing structure, surrounded by beautiful gardens and panoramic views, Hotel Pinares del Cerro is the best option to enjoy all year round, combining relaxation and fun.

Hotel Howard Johnson Hotel and Suites:

Howard Johnson Hotel and suites La cañada is located in the heart of the city of Córdoba, exactly in the glen, an artery symbol of the city characterized by its stone walls and old Tipas that are reflected in the waters of the Arroyo Cañada.

Excursions inside the package:


We pass by Cuesta Blanca, Copina, El Cóndor, Pampa de Achala. Stone Desert. Rest until the valley, passing through the ninth and the rabonas. Dique de la Viña (visit), V. de la Rosas, Las Tapias, San Javier., Yacanto, Parrot Barracas, Loma Bola, Luyaba, we arrive at Merlo (San Luis), visiting Algarrobo Abuelo, Plaza Sobremonte, Iglesia Ntra Mrs. Del Rosario. Free time for lunch. Return by Mina Clavero.

07.00 to 20.00

Mina Clavero (with mini treekc)

Cross high peaks, pampa of Achala, Mirador of the Volcanoes, Paraje Piedra de la Tortuga, cross to 2500 mts. Of height, free time Mina Clavero, Balneario Nest of the Eagle, Mini treekc waterfall of 110 mts. Height and spa height.

8 am to 7 pm

Rio Ceballos- The Square:

Transfer from Villa Carlos Paz, we take the Road of the Hundred Curves, Paredón del Dique San Roque, Dique Mal paso, Saldan, Villa Allende, to Rio Ceballos. Then we will cross the imposing hill. The square with unique views, deep broken. Descent and visit to the City of La Falda, doors of Hotel Eden.

1:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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