22 mayo, 2024

Public Relationship is a science that deals with managing communication between an organization and society, with the goal of managing, building, and maintaining a positive image.

It is a discipline that uses methods and theories of advertising, communication, marketing, design, among other professions

In Public Relationship you can perform tasks in the private sector as well as the public, work for an entity, a product or service company, or do independent work.

One of the main tasks of Public Relationship is the management of internal communications (to know the organization ´s human resources and understand the company´s policies); the management of external communications, humanistic functions (try to win the confidence of the public) and then, analyze and understanding the public opinion, and then act on it.

In my opinion, it is a relatively young career, and therefore unknown to some. On the one hand, it is positive because there is still much to create but on the other hand, we must fight with prejudice and try to show the importance of the profession, because this career is extremely interesting and very useful.

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