20 abril, 2024

Cruise  “ The  World”

Luxury   at  sea

The  cruise The World is the most exclusive and luxury ship in the wold, because is only for millonaires or multimillonaires and people likes travel.

The cabins are apartments or residences . The ocean liner has 165 cabins from 100 to 400 square meters. These apartments can  be sell or rent,  and the Price is 3 millons to 8 millons.

The cabins can be a residence study, penthouse with six rooms, luxury apartment of one, two or three bedrooms. All have  kitchen, office and a prívate terrace.

The cruise has a grocery store to enjoy cooking.

This fantastic cruise have six restaurants, a exotic food of all the world, one spa of 200 square meters, one tennis court, boutiques, one library, one golf course, gym, severals pools and too one jewerly.

This ship sail all the year to exclusive and released places. Every years take  differents routes, that are chosen by the guest.

Usually the guests are four months on board during the year . They are of nineteenth different nacionalities.

Passengers , are usually betwen two and three hundred. The maximun are six hundred fifty passengers,  and for each passengers are one crew.

The World arrived in Argentine several years,taking the route south to Usuhaia. This year visit again.

This cruise was built in Norway, measure:  200 meters long, 30 meters wide and weighs 43.000 tons. Started sailing in 2002, can carry 1.500 passengers.

“  Cruise only for some lucky”

I think if they can climb on this cruise  do it!  I would do it!!!


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