12 julio, 2024

Paraty, is a nice Brazilian city, it`s an extraordinary experience that everybody should visit, for the beautiful landscapes, culture and people. In this journey I could connect with Brazilian’s people in a special way and could learn the history of this place, that`s very interesting and I want to share you.
Paraty was founded in 1667 and is a prety colonial city, considered a National Historical Heritage. Walking through the streets is like living in another time, back a little to the past.
Paraty is the ideal place to visit if you love nature and  can enjoy adventure tourism. It has excellent geographical location between the mountains and the sea. There are many alternative activities that you can be perform in the sea, rivers, waterfalls, nature trails and forests. Besides the beautiful nature there is an important traditional culture. Today Paraty has a professional structure to serve a demanding public looking like me, contact with nature and adventure. Many people when visiting Rio de Janeiro, unknown  these place , and just stroll along the popular beaches and tourist attractions of Rio, the great thing about this is that not too fills up and you can enjoy every attraction and every tourist activity Paraty is in a privilege geographical location in respect to ecology, in his  area are:

  • National Park Serra da Bocaina (Management Plan)
  • Ecological Reserve gives Joatinga
  • APA do Cairuçu
  • Area Paraty-Mirim Lazer
  • Area Environmental preservação da Baía de Paraty.

As we know all these natural elements are a threat, so it is interesting to make these enriching walks for our lives, to appreciate, learn to observe and especially to preserve, not littering, not destroy it, to cultivate an attitude of silence and respect for nature.
Listen to the chirping of birds, the smell of forests is a good place to disconnect from everything and feel a deep peace.

You also have the possibility to access therapeutic services, saunas massages among other things, to make your stay even more complete and relaxed.

If you will visit Brazil – Rio de Janeiro, you should not miss visiting Paraty, yourself you can live and enjoy every sensational place of this beautiful city.


It was an unforgettable experience, a beautiful place where you can enjoy, a magnificent landscape and really wonderful people, where a fresh and natural air is breathed surround.

If you like adventure but especially nature and looking to connect with yourself, this is the perfect place for you.


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