13 abril, 2024


After many negatives months in the city of “Cataratas” the turist are returning. Hotels of five and three stars have an occupancy rate of 75% since July. Economic decisions made by the national government had a strong negative impact on different sectors and one of them was tourism, stay on the Brazilian side was economically more convenient.

The owner of Ente Municipal Tourism Iguazú, Leopoldo Lucas said those numbers down slowly begin to recover.

«The tourism is recovering. Since July the flow and visits to the National Park normalized remain similar to 2015 levels”. This September «worked very well with high occupancy in accommodation and traveling tourists attractions and restaurants in the city.»


«In September three hotels and five star closed with an average occupancy of 75 percent and in some cases exceeded 80 %. A percentage that has held since July. No doubt this is due to the promotion of the destination, a joint effort from the public and private sectors, plus the improvement of the supply, connectivity and organization of events. »


From 1 October to this Sunday 39,808 visits were recorded at the Iguazu National Park, and the full year from January 1 to October 9 this is of 973,841 people.


Recommendation: The Cataratas is a place to visit, the beauty of nature is amazing, and have the best scenery of Argentina to enjoy.

I definitely would return many times without getting tired.



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