16 abril, 2024

Unmissable Rome

The day you visit Rome, this beautiful Italian city, either by a quick tour of a few days or untimed definitely can not miss visiting these 10 safety pins as described below.

1) The Vatican.

Declared World Heritage by UNESCO, this sovereign country located within the city of Rome, is one of the most visited places because of its cultural wealth.
It hosts the Holy See, the highest Catholic institution with greater authority and head is the pope.
Wednesdays are the days of greatest concentration of faithful and tourists because of the papal public hearing.


2) Vatican Museums.

The magnificent Vatican Museums are one of the largest and interesting museal sets the world.
These are home to an extensive art collection of great importance to Catholicism.
These are composed of different buildings, gardens, galleries, monuments, also housing the Vatican library, considered one of the best in the world and wonderful Sistine Chapel.
The Sistine Chapel is known for being the place where you choose and crown the popes, and for its spectacular decoration.
Its walls and ceilings highlight unique frescoes and important for Rome, for example on the altar the imposing work of Michelangelo, «The Last Judgment».

3) Fontana Di Trevi

Squeezed between narrow streets, the huge and fantastic Fontana blends seamlessly with the eternal city.
In ancient times it was said that the water was so sweet that whoever drank return to Rome, is why there is a tradition that is common in every tourists visit, tossing a coin back to it over the left shoulder to return .

4) Pantheon.

He consecrated as a church of the Virgin Mary, it is undoubtedly the most beautiful memory of Roman antiquity, since it is one of the best preserved buildings and located in the same place it was built.
Its dome is highlighted by a hole 9m called oculus, which provides the pateón natural light entering an impressive beam of light that goes through the walls, fresh air, and days rain falls a blind water droplets making this one of the most beautiful postcards of Rome.

Pantheon, Roma notturna, Italia

5) Colosseum.

Originally called «Amphitheatre Flavio» is the largest Roman amphitheater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the Modern World, one of the most famous architectural structures of ancient Rome.
Built in order to provide entertainment to the Romans, classifying their stands for the different social classes, it resulted in gladiatorial combat, animal hunts, executions, plays, etc.
Today one day its structure is damaged due to various earthquakes, but it is certainly the main icon and attraction of this city, you can enter and explore every nook feel at the time. Remains deeply related to the Catholic Church, as the Pope leads the Via Dolorosa to the amphitheater each Good Friday all.


6) Roman Forum.

Located opposite the Coliseum these ruins witnessing the emergence of ancient Rome and its fall, we offer today go where at the time important legal, political and triumphal monuments, where only 5 of them were after theft and natural disasters were reasonably intact.

7) Arco Constantino.

Built to commemorate the victory of Constantine, located near the coliseum, this arch is striking for its design and triple arcade.

8) Via Veneto.

Walking the streets of this city, we find one of the most luxurious streets, renowned as the center of major shops and luxury hotels, and is also home to famous cafés, such as «Café Paris» immortalized in the classic Fellini film «La Dolce Vita «.

9) Piazza Venezia.

In the city center we find the square next to the palace which took his name.
It is known and relevant to Roma, for being scene of several events, including one very important announcement of war against Nazi Germany given by Mussolini.
In its center we find the grave «Unknown Soldier» in honor of the deceased and not recognized in the war.

10) Piazza di Spagna

It is named after the Spanish Embassy.
Known as one of the coolest places to hang out for nearly 300 years and its famous staircase that leads us to the church Trinita dei Monti. At the time of spring and summer this place takes a wonderful color due to the decor of your stairway with a variety of flowers.

Spanish Steps at morning, Rome

Surely Rome is a city that invites us to return, full of history, legends, mysteries and streets seem alive, always offering something new to discover. The most cultural city in the Mediterranean never sleeps.

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