14 abril, 2024

In the next article, I will talk about the administration within organizations. From science. Contact for what it serves, what are its elements and functions. Also as your objective and scope of work.

The administration is the science, who have for an objetive  the study for the non-profit and for-profit organizations.

The administration is characterized for creating tools and techniques, to do the best resources. That resources are.  Humans, financial, materials, technological, of knowledge,  etc. With them, we be able to plan, organize, lead, and control the resources to stabilize the grow up for the organization.

Elements for the administration

  • It focuses on the development of the company.
  • To do the correct application for the tools and techniques
  • Its refer to do the right things, doing with the less cost and the máximum quality.
  • Social group. To do the administration Works, need a group of people.
  • Coordination of the resources. To do the administration, you have to analyze the resources, to reach the objectives.
  • Produce the product or service, with the least amount of resources.

Functions of the administration

  1. To plan: Establish the objectives and strategies to carry out.
  2. Answer these questions, who? Will you do the homework, how? is going to do homework, when? when this is applied to the task.
  3. Lead, leadershop decision making
  4. Detect errors and do the correct changes.

If a company have a good administration, that is a garantee to do the correct function of the application of the resources, reducing the costs and the time to do more products or services to the less cost.

  Marianela Giselle Alberca

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