22 junio, 2024

Profesor: Miguel Luis Marino

Alumno: Campanelli Leandro Adrian

Carrera: Turismo y hotelería, 1er año

Sede: Vicente López

Materia: Inglés

Turno: Mañana

Tema: Desarrollo turístico

Turistic Development.

The main objective of the tourism development department is to promote programs that contribute to the promotion of higher levels of quality and competitiveness, the generation of local capacities and the sustainable tourism development in the different units of Country Planning. It develops processes of work oriented to the dissemination and implementation of tourist plans, the development of local capacities with municipalities and chamber of tourism, the training and accompaniment for the consolidation of touristic mipymes and the impulse for the development of new products. The strategy is developed through the implementation of rural tourism programs, community-based rural tourism, traditional Costa Rican gastronomy, mypyme, self-identity crafts and training programs which aim to consolidate destinations every time more competitive, incorporate local actors in the management of it and make more and more people and entrepreneurs benefit from the tourism industry.

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