25 mayo, 2024

Signage in works.

The colors will depend on what you want to communicate:

Red: Danger or prohibition.
Blue: Obligation or information.
Yellow: Caution.
Green: Evacuation, routes and plans.
Orange: Construction.

The size of a sign or signage will depend on the distance between one and the other – this is mentioned in the INEN Standard. It is recommended that on construction sites there be signs every 20 meters in any direction. This sign or poster must be consistent with the risk that is present in a certain area or area of ​​the work. For example, if work is being carried out below six feet in height, it will not be necessary to put allusive signs to the use of safety harness.

Signaling is important on roads, especially where heavy machinery passes. The personnel should be informed about the risks of running over and the use of protective equipment, such as: boots, helmets and reflective vests.

In night work, the signaling must be luminous or at least 

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