14 abril, 2024

My career is hotel and tourism but for this report i’ll talk about tourism. It’s about activities that people made because they want to visit another places (regions, states, countries, etc) for a determinate time and usually people do it thanks to their free time. For this, the customers hire a tourism agency, this place is responsible for accommodation, food, entertainment and everything that involves please the costumer.

Now I’ll talk about the steps that agencies follow to get customers and then satisfy their needs.

First, the agency must make know their services with promotion, it can be for television, social media, radio or promotion on the streets, any media that works to attract customers. Second, when the agency get customers it must offer their services (travel packages with hotel, reservations, an specific place to visit and programmed activities and give the information to the customers). The third step is to make the reservations with everything the client has requested; example: a travel to New York in Plaza Hotel, a single room, one bathroom and a double bed, without activities (excursions). Fourth, make sure that there’s no inconveniences before or during the travel and if something happens find quickly a way to fix it.

When the tourism agency fulfills with this four points, we can say that it ends its work and if it has good luck maybe the customer call recommend to family or friends.

Also there exists the option to contact a virtual tourism agency, it makes exactly the same than a traditional agency but the virtual version gives comfort to the costumer to access to information itself and make the reservations required too. Nowadays, people prefers this method because they prefer the easy way and we can’t forget the comfort, the problem with these agencies is that sometimes the reservations aren’t well made and when the tourist arrives at the hotel, the reservation isn’t in the system.

Despite all the time and money spent in just one travel, the truth is that the tourism is an amazing manner to spend the holidays, or free time, and no matter if you go to another city, another state or another country, the important thing is meet new places and enjoy the good times.

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