14 abril, 2024

The customs broker is an agent of foreign trade, authorized by the inspection and control body, to manage in the name and for the account of a third party the legislation and procedures for the introduction and extraction of merchandise before customs. The companies dedicated to the import and export of goods and services, which have the need to have the adequate advice of experts in foreign trade and customs, require a Customs Broker, a professional committed to a permanent updating and specialization, with the mystical that all change produces not only challenges but also opportunities.

The customs broker is a true auxiliary of the public function and an essential instrument for an effective control task that must be carried out by Customs.

The importance  of the customs broker is higher than that of the representative or agent.

Parallel to its ability to quickly and correctly grasp the multiple problems that arise, it is essential to be agile and dynamic in the correct approach of the corresponding solutions, paying equal attention to the legitimate interests of its constituents and the treasury which is concurrent and not antagonistic.

Its function exceeds the limits of what is merely indicative, and acquires such a relevance that these sectors cannot act harmoniously and effectively without having its presence.

It is affirmed and rightly so, that the Customs Broker as it is called in other parts of the world -, CONSTITUTES THE NEXUS BETWEEN PRIVATE ACTIVITY AND PUBLIC ACTIVITY, its function that exceeds the limits of the merely orientative, acquires a relevance for both sectors.

The challenge of the Customs Broker is today, to assume the functions correlative to those covered by the customs administration, collaborating and participating with its primary objectives, controlling and improving of the different customs operations and the perception of a fair final income. The customs broker is the natural ally of importers and exporters, as well as Customs. He interrelates with the public and private sector, as a valid interlocutor.All the legislations of the world, under one form or another, consecrate and regulate the scope of his work and the parameters to which he must be subjected for a better professional exercise. The Customs Broker is a true technician who, in addition to mastering the problems linked to the tariff position of the merchandise and its technical connotations, must necessarily know in depth the Customs Code, the laws that complement it and its regulations in all its vast scope. The only exit is the Customs and the entrance also. This virtually means agreeing with the business of international trade that is increasing more and more. How to conduct a shipment through a maze of thousands of tariff classifications, administrative rules and regulations and special permit requirements. The solution is only provided by the expert, in fact, the Customs Brockers, props of foreign trade.

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