18 mayo, 2024



The purpose of a company is to be economically positive and viable, to achieve this it is necessary to do the corresponding procedures. A company or organization  have to be mainly mandated actions by its leaders or managers that lead to economic success by always improving their products or services. This series of activities is called: business management.


Not all of them have a good administration in their company, that is why business management is considered an art or a particular virtue, because an organization, control and effective leadership must be carried out in order to achieve the results desired in the most efficient way possible. Always seeks to improve productivity and finances in an organization in order to be competitive in the business, and in this field time is an important factor to achieve the proposed goals. The company that performs optimal management will always have better results in its production and logistics as well as in the market, making good sales and paying back with a good profit margin (this also applies to service companies).

The person who assumes the management of a company has the responsibility to optimize resources such as time, products and personnel to manage that organization along a path towards a desirable economy. In this area there are standards and rules to be met, although on the other hand a businessman must be always innovative and creative to stand out from the others who work in his same field.

The conclusion is reached that, to carry out a company, business management is essential. Because thanks to this management we can achieve an organization, a control, and leadership to be able able to achieve success.

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