16 junio, 2024

When a person intends to start learning English, he usually resorts to external motivations that boost his effort and hours of study. These motivations are usually to improve the curriculum to find a job, improve the current one or to be able to travel abroad with greater tranquility.


For those who live in the tourism sector, to attend and understand visitors in their own language (or in so widely spoken) and to offer them the product and / or service that tourists really want and need.


This not only benefits the seller who has learned English, among the advantages of learning English in the tourism sector, the following stand out:


Better communication with the client: Foreigners who come to our country for tourism, do not usually know our language and do not develop in it. Having a level of English B1 we can understand what the client asks us, advise him and improve his experience in our business and if he does not return he may recommend it to acquaintances and friends, or even on social networks. The client benefits: The tourist feels better served by being able to communicate more easily, and to better explain what he needs or what he wants to buy. While it is true that not all tourists are English speaking, we must also bear in mind that many countries have English as the second official language, so the client can be German and speak to us in almost perfect English. Benefits to the city or tourist zone: If all the businessmen and employees of the tourist area dominate English with a level of English B1, tourists will recommend the area with greater ease, since not having to fight with the local language, they can Enjoy more of the environment and services that are offered.


The tourism sector is undoubtedly very hard, since it usually requires many hours of work, and with very different schedules. So a trader, entrepreneur or worker in this sector has to learn English on their own and taking advantage of the few hours available. In this situation, the best option is to learn English online, thus obtaining your First Certificate online or your TOEFL certificate.  Although more important than the certificate is the level of English acquired, either English B1 or English B2.

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