23 junio, 2024

In a globalized world like today, where there are no barriers and the global market crosses borders through the Internet, it is important to learn English as other languages.

Marketing is an English concept, translated into Spanish as marketing or marketing. It is the discipline dedicated to analyzing the behavior of markets and consumers. Marketing analyzes the commercial management of companies in order to capture, retain and retain customers through the satisfaction of their needs. Due to the political, economic, military, scientific and cultural influence of Great Britain and the United Kingdom since the 18th century, by the time of the British Empire and the United States of America of the 20th century, English has spread throughout the world and it is the main language of international discourse and the French language in many regions. The importance of gender in the world of marketing, the benefit of marketing, influences the professional level, the international language, the type of experience in the international language level to be able to communicate / inform our product / service and be able to launch it to the world market . The language that has the greatest importance in the communication of the world in English, although Spanish is the third worldwide, this is the main one in Marketing. In relation to business and the economy, as English has already been clarified, it was taking a primordial role and in the universal or international language. Many companies today demand to speak English to access job positions. Most studies and texts are written in this language. Currently, the most used method in marketing is Digital Marketing, it is a type of marketing strategy carried out in digital media, social networks and others. Innovations are based on online, can have a global scope, as well as national, therefore, you need to have a high knowledge of the language to develop it, depending on the market you launch. Speaking English can be the difference between closing a business or not, successfully positioning yourself in a product or service in the world market. The organizations and countries that have been designed and carry out the process of globalization, have English as their mother tongue or the working language. Therefore, whenever a business can be carried out with a company from another country, where both languages ??are different, the language will be the language to be used.

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