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What is a hotel? It is a building planned to provide accommodation service to people and allow visitors to travel. Some hotels provide guests with additional service, for example restaurants, spa, gym, swimming pool, nurseries, bar, conference services, etc.

Hotels are usually classified into categories according to the degree of comfort, positioning and the level of services they offer.

Origin of the word ‘Hotel’

The word ‘hotel’ derives from the French hotel or ostel, wich originally referred to a hostel; it is an urban mansion, the town hall or the hospital. In current use, ‘hotel’ designates a hotel establishment and hotel particulier refers to a private residence or mansion.


When we talk about tourism we talk about hotels because in antiquity, when people started traveling, they needed a place to stay and sometimes when great personalities traveled, they were accompanied by their entourage (It is clear that they were a lot) and it was impossible to accommodate everyone in the place, this is the reason the first accommodations with the name of hotel appear.That’s why its said that tourism and hotels go hand in hand, its because they are very much related.


Classification by stars:

 One star

For one star, it has to have toilet and bath, washbasin with hot and cold water, central heating, breakfast, round the clock admittance and reasonable standard of cleanliness.

Two stars

For two stars hotel, some of the rooms must have suites, bath and toilets, some refreshments available for purchase and the standard of the cleanliness is satisfactory.

Three stars

In a three stars hotel there are suits with toilets and bathroom, telephone and TV in all the rooms, access to guest PC and fax, reception staffed during daytime and lift. The standard of the cleanliness is satisfactory too.

Four stars

For a four stars hotel it has to have a restaurant, laundry service and others comfort requirement, international TV channels, reception staffed 24 hours a day, WIFI in some rooms and the standard of cleanliness is high.

Five stars

A five stars hotel must have a pool and/or staffed GYM, staffed sauna with relaxation area, air conditioning, every room has internet connection and the standard f cleanliness is very high.

 Advantages and disadvantages of an all-inclusive hotel Advantages:·         the prices can be a great incentive to decide for this type of hotels, when you calculate how much it would cost everything separately the increase will be significant·         This type of trip will make you know how much you are going to spend. By knowing the cost of the hotel and all its services included you will know more precisely how much you will spend. It is clear that the extra expenses can be handled in a more organized manner taking into account that the strong expenses such as accommodation, meals, drinks and some entertainment are already covered by the plan you have paid.·         One of the greatest benefits of the all-inclusive hotel is that the only thing you will have to worry about is rest and relaxation. You don’t have to be worrying about lunch times to get a place or have to suspend your rest to leave the hotel to find something you need because everything is inside the hotel and there is no need to leave it.·         The food areas and some restaurants are open most of the time during the day and almost all night. So if you are satisfied you will not have an excuse since meals are plentiful and unlimited. Also in the case of beverages, including drinks with alcohol.·         They are special to enjoy as a family. This type of all-inclusive hotels are designed for everyone to enjoy, most have children and youth clubs where they can be throughout the day and entertain them with different games, activities and contests and are under supervision, while parents can rest and enjoy alone In some there is even babysitting for the little ones while the parents go to the restaurant for dinner or to enjoy one of the night shows.Disadvantages:·      If you are a more adventurous person, the all-inclusive may not be very useful because everything is so well organized and planned that there is not much left to explore. Each day has a schedule of activities that must be fulfilled.·     For some people, the food may be of poor quality due to the fact that being massive quantities is losing the special touch of the meals. In the case of drinks, it can happen that they are common products and very little selected, that depends on the plan or hotel that you have paid.·  If the hotel is very far from the city you can’t do anything, just stay all the time in it.·  You must be aware of what you have bought, many times hotels can assume to have everything included but it is better that you enter to detail that you have bought. Many times in the all-inclusive is not really «all inclusive».·      Check what activities you want to go to and their schedules. In some cases the hotels schedule the most striking activities in the early hours of the morning and if you don’t reserve your space in advance you will miss them. In conclusion, the hotels are a good place to stay when you are visiting another country or you are on vacation, but you should always take into account all types of hotels, because there are a lot, and all the advantages and disadvantages that may have. The important thing is to enjoy and have a good time so you need to know all the services that this may have, check the itinerary and get a good price. Bibliography: https://www.espanol.skyscanner.com/noticias/ventajas-y-desventajas-de-un-hotel-todo-incluido

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