18 julio, 2024
After the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) formalized the return of home delivery for purchases abroad through web pages at the end of July, the return of the "door to door" regime will come true, as it enters in force the resolution of the organism.
Although the 4550 form will no longer be used, the consumer must communicate on the website of the agency that received the product within 30 calendar days after its arrival at the address, and for that, a microsite will be set up to facilitate access .
Enabling this microsite is key to access the system and could be delayed if the web access is not operational.
Over time, the Governments objective is to end the long queues in the Customs building in Retiro, and thus leave behind years of restrictions that were imposed gradually with the exchange rate in 2011.
Fuentes del Correo Argentino assured that a strong arrival of products is expected when the system is officially enabled. When at the beginning of the year the head of the AFIP, Alberto Abad, only said that these obstacles would be lifted, purchases increased 30% year-on-year.
In the first place, something expected by the old buyers will happen in times of restriction: the products stranded in the customs will be delivered with the "door to door" system directly without any formalities, as long as they comply with the new conditions.
The procedure is the next:

The recipient will receive a notification of the mail informing the existence of a shipment in his name by which he can opt for door-to-door delivery, and indicating the associated tracking number.
Notice RG 3915

Subsequently, you must enter, through the website of this Federal Administration, the service with a tax code "International Postal Sends". In this way, you will access a simplified declaration form, in which you must enter the shipping tracking number, the value and the description of the merchandise to be received.
The system will automatically issue the sworn statement for printing and the VEP for the concepts and values to be paid. This VEP will be valid until the 24th hour of the day of its generation; once this period has expired, it will be canceled and the interested party must generate a new one using the tracking number.
It should be clarified that the VEP will be generated through the "International Postal Services" service after the preparation of the simplified declaration, so the "Sworn Declarations and Payments" service should not be used.
Once the payment is finalized, the citizen must verify that the Simplified Affidavit is in the "Paid" status and will later receive the shipment at his address.
Finally, the recipient of the shipment must confirm the receipt within 30 calendar days of receipt, entering the service with tax code "International Postal Sends". If the reception is not confirmed, the recipient can not receive another shipment under this modality until the confirmation becomes effective or is justified before the Customs indicating the reasons why the confirmation was not made.
Correo Argentino vs Couriers:
The products that arrive to the country can enter through the official mail or the couriers, like DHL, UPS and Fedex. Each case shares common characteristics, although the differences jump to light with the limits of weight and amount, among other issues:
Next, a review of the main keys to take into account before making the first click and that the product reaches the address:
1. Weight and amount limit: for Correo Argentino, it is up to 2 kilos and USD 200. For couriers, it is up to 50 kilos and 1,000 dollars. The price limit is always calculated on the total value of the product, without including taxes or shipping cost.
2. Quantity of products: The official Post has no limit on shipments in quantity. For private mail, there is a cap of five shipments per person and calendar year.

A fact to keep in mind: free shipping is mostly done through the official mail. And if the shipment is made from the official mail of a country outside of Argentina, here it will always arrive through Correo Argentino. This situation usually occurs in purchases through Chinese sites, such as Ali Express.

3. USD 25 franchise: this benefit applies only to official mail, not to private service. The franchise is available at the first purchase and applies for the tax calculation on the product.
4. Electronic Payment Flyer (VEP): it is the buyers job to generate this voucher only if the product was purchased via official mail. When the merchandise arrives in the country, the mail notifies the recipient and there it must generate the VEP on the AFIP website. If the merchandise was bought by couriers, these companies generate the VEP.
5. Taxes: the tax is 50% of the value of the merchandise if the product arrives by Official Mail. Products of up to $ 25 do not pay taxes on imports, and those that exceed $ 3,000 - which no longer arrive at home - follow the commercial shipping treatment. For couriers 50% does not apply, since the tax to be charged will depend on the tariff position of the good, which includes the origin and characteristics.
6. Notice to AFIP: no matter how the product arrives in the country, the consumer must communicate on the website that he received the product within 30 calendar days after his arrival at the address. You must have a CUIT / CUIL and the fiscal code with a level of security 3.

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