18 abril, 2024

The merchandise is any object that is susceptible to be imported and exported in order to be a tradable good, it is also considered to the locations and provisions of services. The products must be classified and individualized according to the Harmonized Designation and Coding of Goods System, classifying merchandise is nothing more than ordering by class where each product corresponds, for this order the Nomenclature will help us since it is a long list of products that are distinguished by their names but are not written .

On the one hand  it is important to know that each product occupies only one place in the Nomenclature.

On the other hand it is important to know the origin of the imported merchandise, this will be determined with certain rules:

  • If merchandise is natural product, its origin will belong to the country where it was raised, harvested or born.
  • The product was extracted by any means of transport at sea or its airspace, the origin will belong to the country that corresponds to the registration number, the same origin will not vary if it is transformed or perfected during its transportation.
  • On the other hand the merchandise that was a manufactured product in one country and do not need contributions from another the origin is going to be from the country where it was maden.
  • When we talk about a product manufactured in a country but received in put from other countries, the origin will be from that country where the transformation or improvement was given.
  • If this product under was transformed or improvements in diffent countries so this or his characteristics changed, that means the heading of the Nomenclature also changed, and its origin is going to be the country that gave it the last changed of heading.

When these rules can not be applied, the product will be (of origin) from the place where it was submitted to a process that gives greater value to the Customs, and if several countries are in the same situation, the origin is the last of them.

To conclude it is important to know what merchandise we are imported and exported from the country, in such way to know what things are prohibited since otherwise we would be carrying out a serious crime. If you have any questions, we will have to resort to the Customs code.


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