17 julio, 2024

The Customs Brokers is a person who is licensed by the local customs, after passing an examination that covers a broad range of knowledge including customs law, customs classification, customs tariff schedule, import and export regulations, shipping procedures, trade documentation, etc. He or she acts as a professional-agent for an importer or exporter, prepares and submits all documents for clearing goods through customs, and is paid customs-brokerage.

The general public is often unaware of the sheer magnitude of goods and raw materials that cross these international borders every single day and that´s involved in clearing these goods through customs in different countries. Any mistake made by the customs broker represents money that he will have to replace in case of mistake.

Customs Brokerage Expedites International Trade.

Each country operates under a different set of rules and regulations regarding the transfer of goods entering or leaving their borders. Customs regulations and laws concerning import and export of goods are constantly changing all over the world, sometimes even on a daily basis.

Customs brokers ensure have the most current technology, and they stay on top of the various developments in this dynamic industry to provide the best quality service for their clients at all times.

A customs broker can be a private, individual or an entity regulated, licensed, and empowered Customs and Border Protection to help importers and exporters comply with federal law.

What does this mean? Lets look at some ways a customs broker can help a client:

  • Act as a liaison between the client and government agencies.
  • Make sure shipments meet all legal requirements.
  • Put together the necessary paperwork and payments, and submit them to customs authorities.
  • Review the classification of goods to make sure that the taxes and duties owed are properly calculated.

I believe that the role of the customs agent is fundamental and requires a so much responsibility because it deals with international trade, which makes it complex because it handles a lot of money and intervenes in very important relationships. The customs agent is a great agent of the government because it helps regulate trade.

Its a fun job because all the time its incorporating new things.

It is related to many topics, you have to know a little bit about everything and find the place that most makes us comfortable.



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