21 abril, 2024

The verbal communication is a type of communication that uses messagess signs. These are arbitraries convencionals and express that is transmitted and the signs are linears toó. Each symbol goes one behind the other.

The verbal communication can be done in two ways:

The oral communication through oral signs and spoken words gesturally.

The writen communication through paper por message.

In the verbal communication exits several stages: the message the conde and the channel, that the context influences noices and redundancy verbal communication is identified with oral communication (generally) of that there are multiple forms.

At the same time it is any hind of communication that need to articulate words so that the other person understands whats talking about por communicating.

The communication is a conscious actility of exchanging information between tho or more people with the purpose is thansmit or receive meanings throlght a shared system of signs and semantic norms.

The basic steps of communication are the formation of an intention to communicate the composition of the message the encoding of the message the transmission of the signal, the reception of the signal the decoding the message and the interpretation of the message by a recipient.

The communication takes a place between three main subject categories=

.humans (language)

.living organisms (biosemiotic)

.the communication devices enabled (cybernetics)

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