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Armenians have long been recognized for their generosity to foreigners on the Silk Road.

It is clear from the beginning that Armenia is interesting

After crossing the border from Georgia there was one of the cheap, ubiquitous public minibuses that sneaked around the Caucasus, and when he walked away, there was a delicate, honey-colored bird on the board.

The bird stayed for five minutes, circled over the passengers, then departed through the window and out into the hard, reddish hills.

The city was attractive, wrapped in oak forests. In Soviet times, Dilijan had a reputation for retiring from artists, and its picturesque wooded location means that it is called «Little Switzerland».

When consulting an outdated guide, get an address from the lonely guest house, which after a research paper (the Armenian alphabet as impenetrable as the medieval scores), high up on the outskirts of the city. When I climbed the street, I could at least find someone inside.

A quiet residential hilltop house, set back from a dusty road behind metal doors, with a long silence. It was not of regular attendance.

When the knowledge is in Armenia, it is unlikely that you will forget it

Armenians, as neighbors of the Caucasus, have long been recognized for their generosity to foreigners. The location of the country in the historical commercial networks of the Silk Road. The region has seen the passage of innumerable thousands of merchants, soldiers, migrants and walkers. the year 400 a. C., the Greek general Xenophon brought his troops in this way and gave an account of the tables that moaned with lamb, birds and barley wine.

It should be noted that the three nations of the Caucasus, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, maintain a healthy friendship with each other. There is an ironic Armenian joke that sums it up. A boy asks for his grandfather why Armenia has not yet sent an astronaut into space. «Because the Georgians would die of envy,» replies the grandfather. «And if the Georgians died of envy, we would die of pleasure, and the Azeris would keep the whole land.» However, towards travelers and foreigners the local hospitality throughout the region is amazingly generous.

Armenia has known pain and difficulties, especially in the form of deportations and deaths of up to 1.5 million of its inhabitants between 1914 and 1923. Dozens of US states. UU And 29 countries have recognized this as an act of genocide by the Ottoman Empire. . The Turkish state of today denies the description. The national psyche of Armenia has been, inevitably, shaped by the period. And in doing so, the idea that those who come in peace should be welcomed with open arms has only been strengthened.

The following can only be said: when you find hospitality in Armenia, it is unlikely that you will forget it.

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