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A Midsummer Night´s Dream, the author is William Shakespeare. He is believed to be the greatest English writer of all time. He has born in Stratford upon Avon, in England, in April 1564. His father was a wealthy merchant. Shakespeare married Ann Hathaway, and they have three children.

During 1592 he was living in London. By then, he had already become quite well- known as an actor and a playwright.

Shakespeare wrote about 37 plays, including A Midsummer Night´s Dream, Romeo and Juliet. Hamlet and Macbeth and he wrote many beautiful poems. Many of his plays were only published as books after his death.

In this comedy, Hernia is in love with Lysander but her father wants that she get marry with another man, Demetrius. The problem is that Hernia doesn´t love Demetrius, but his friend, Helena does.

The law of Athens says that if she don´t marry with Demetrius, she must die or become a nun. The conflict is both of the gentlemen want the love of Hernia.

The conflict resolves with a special purple flower. The juice of the flower has a special power.

One of the fairies put this juice in the eyes of Demetrius so when he wakes up he was in love with Helena.

The themes are love and marriage, I think is the main theme, the play is about young love and arranged marriages.

The other theme can be fairies, the play tells us about one real world and an imaginary one, the world of fairies. The fairies work at night and they have powers to change the people feelings.

There is a group of craftsmen too, is the funny part of the play.

The name of the book is A Midsummer Night’s Dream because the story tell us about one real world and one imaginary world. Many of the things that happen in the play are like things that happen in dreams. And the characters are not sure whether these things have really happened of not. The story happens mostly at night.

The story  have protagonists and antagonists from both of worlds.

The real world Protagonists are Hermia that is a beautiful and little young girl, daughter of Egeus, Lysander, a young man that is in love with Hermia. He comes from a good family and is very brave, Demetrius, a young man that is engaged with Hermia. Helena, a young girl, she doesn´t have lucky in love. She loves Demetrius, but he doesn´t love her. Helena is very tall, but she thinks of herself as ugly. And the fairies world protagonists are Titania, the Queen of the fairies, Wife of Oberon and Puck, a very funny Fairy that changes the people feelings.

The antagonist in the real world is Egeus, father of Hermia. He tries to separate Hermia and Lysander. And in the fairies world is Oberon, the king of fairies. He wants to steal his wife´s servant, an Indian boy.

It is a play, so doesn´t have narrator. The story is dialogue.

In my opinion it’s a good book. The story is very funny and it´s easy to read.

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