23 junio, 2024

The name of the book is The Vampire’s tear.

The Author of book is GINA D. B. CLEMEN.  She was born and raised in San Francisco, California—a splendid city that she often writes about in her books. But now she lives in Rapallo, Italy.
She’s always loved writing, particularly for younger audiences because they’re the most receptive. When her daughter was little, she enjoyed telling her a new story practically every day—and she still remembers some of them! That was good practice. Then one day she decided to channel her creative energy and write a book.
The gender is Crime and suspense.
This story is set in New York City (also named Big Apple), one of the biggest and most exciting cities in the world. A diamond is displayed in a New York museum, in an exhibition. Nick has a summer job at the museum and invites Bill and Michelle. One night, the diamond disappears and a guard dies. The terror of vampires is unleashed in the city and Nick and his best friends, Bill and Michelle, begin to investigate.
They suspect Professor Morescou and the cleaners. The three friends make a plan.
They discover that the cleaners are vampires: they turn into bats and recuperate the Vampires Tear, hidden in the chandelier. They fly away and disappear forever. Nick and Bill call the detective and Professor Morescou to show them the pictures of the cleaners that Nick has taken before. Professor Morescou admits that he knows the true identity of the cleaners, so the police arrest him for be accomplice.
The book is called the vampire’s tear because the story is about the theft of a precious jewel and that precious jewel is called the Vampires tear.
There are three protagonists in the story. They are Bill Martin, his sister Michelle Martin and Nick Chan, their good friend.
Bill is tall, handsome eighteen-years-old boy with brown hair and blue eyes and he plays basketball. He wants to be a biologist.
Michelle is a cute girl of seventeen, with red hair and blue eyes. She wants to become a journalist.
Nick is a Chinese-American boy of eighteen and he plays basketball too. He won a scholarship to study medicine in New York City.

Other important characters are:
Professor Morescou is a tall, thin man of about fifty years old with pale skin, long grey hair and small glasses. He was born in Eastern Europe and he is a famous professor and author. He teaches East European History at the university and he is in charge of the big show at the museum.
Victor and Daniza are a couple: an old man and an old woman wearing long dark grey jackets and black trousers. They are both short, thin, have a little white hair and pale, wrinkled skin; they look poor and hungry. They are the cleaners who will come in the evening when the museum closes. They come from Eastern Europe but now they live near Central Park.
I like the book, because it has a mixture between the real and the non-real. For example, the real is the place, New York City, and the non-real is the vampires. Then I like that mixture. Also I like because is an interesting story

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