21 mayo, 2024

A few cities provide a spooky vibe year-around, annual festivals, theme park pop-up events and other haunted happenings elsewhere have helped make the holiday a  travel mini season all its own.

New Orleans (EE.UU)

Home to voodoo legends and year-round the cemetery walks, every October “the krewe of boo” parade for Halloween has themes likes werewolves and vampires.

Transylvania (Rumania)

Associated with the most famous vampire, “Dracula”, there is Bran castle, which is probably the castle that belongs to “Dracula”, and it is the most touristy spot in Transylvania.

Salem (EE.UU)

Famous for being the house where the Salem trials were made for which craft in the 1690. One way Salem builds on its spectral past is with the month-long festival of the dead, events include psychic readings, séances, a Halloween ball, a mourning-themed tea and on Halloween night a witches gathering.


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