19 julio, 2024

Training, or development of personnel, is any activity carried out in an organization, responding to their needs, which seeks to improve the attitude, knowledge, skills or behaviors of their staff.

Specifically, training:

– seeks to perfect the employee in his job

– Depending on the needs of the company,

– In a structured process with well-defined goals.

The need for training arises when there is a difference between what a person should know to perform a task, and what he really knows. These differences are often discovered to make performance assessments, or job profile descriptions.


The fields of application of training are many, but generally fall into one of four areas:

  1. A) Induction: It is the information that is given to the newly entered employees. Usually the supervisors of the entrant. The HR department establishes written guidelines so that the action is uniform and planned.
  2. B) Training: It applies to operational staff. It is generally given on the same job. Training is necessary when there are developments that affect tasks or functions, or when it is necessary to raise the general level of knowledge of operational staff. Instructions for each job should be written.
  3. C) Basic training: It is developed in organizations of a certain scale; Looking for specially prepared personnel, with a general knowledge of the entire organization. It is usually taken by young professionals, who receive complete instruction on the company, and then receive a destination. They are the «officers» of the future.
  4. D) Chief Development: It is usually the most difficult, because it is about developing attitudes rather than specific knowledge and skills. In all other training actions, management commitment is required. Here, the commitment of the general management and of the highest levels of the organization is paramount. The management style of a company is achieved not only by working in common, but above all with a common reflection on the problems of management. Issues such as time management, conducting meetings, analysis and decision-making, and others should be disseminated.

In either case, both the sequence and the content of the activities must be properly planned so as to obtain maximum alignment


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