23 mayo, 2024

Human Resources is called the set of people that make up the workforce of an organization, company or sector of the economy. Also called «Human capital». The Human Resources area of ??a company or organization manages the working capital of the company or company. The Human Resources professional is responsible for attracting, selecting, training, evaluating and rewarding the workers of an organization. Likewise, a Bachelor of Human Resources is responsible for the organization of employees, as well as for compliance with labor and employment laws.

The career or Bachelor of Human Resources prepares people to manage employment policies and practices in the workplace. Students in the Human Resources career learn how to recruit, hire, and train employees. They also learn about laws, wages and benefits. There are different reasons to study Human Resources, among them are the most important:

You will acquire the knowledge and skills to motivate, manage and reward employees.
You will become a professional reflective in this specialty.
You will develop a strategic understanding of human resources management in relation to organizational processes.
Design and implement strategies for staff selection.
Generate spaces for staff training, development and motivation.
Facilitate human relations through group work and the strengthening of links.
Organize from external consultancies evaluations of the way in which the personnel of a certain unit are.
The Career of Human Resources has a wide exit work. It can be exercised either from within a company forming part of a Human Resources department or even directing it; But independent performance can also be forged from a consulting space.

For some time now the performance of Human Resources Professionals has been gaining ground within companies since it has been discovering the value that provides to have employees working in a comfortable way and under a space of containment.

On the other hand, the space available to external Consultants is highly required and has already gained such prestige that many companies only hire personnel to be selected through agencies led by Human Resources Graduates.

A rich and very rewarding Career can be Human Resources when you enjoy doing things for the other, achieving goals and projecting individual and group growth in each action. If you feel that in the treatment and collaboration with people is your place, this area of ??study may be the one indicated.

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