18 julio, 2024

Customs accounting:
— One of the problems encountered by companies in registering imports with other countries is that the operation is normally reflected in a currency other than our Argentine peso.
Therefore before making any entry in our accounting we must know its value in pesos. In the case of physical goods, these require, before entering our country, to pass through customs control in order to face the payment of the tariffs and IVA (Value-added tax)  corresponding to the operation. We must not forget that in any case it can be the supplier that charges us IVA, since they are not taxable persons of IVA, since they are not located in the territory of application of the tax and will not have the capacity to pass on IVA.
The charge of collecting the IVA of the product will be the customs and its collection will occur at the time that the IVA is presented to customs clearance, it is usually the transport company itself that is responsible for carrying out these steps so as a consequence Of this fact we will have three documents to which we must pay special attention if we want to register the importation.
The product must be submitted to customs clearance., At the time of presenting to the office what is usually done by the transport companies is to pay the tariff and the relevant IVA.
It is possible that the value of the merchandise in customs and the value of the invoice of the supplier does not match what could cause us a problem then we would be in possession of two documents valid for legal purposes and with different amounts:
• The purchase invoice issued by the supplier or proof of the operation.
• The invoice of the transport company.
In the event that we speak of a self-employed person who wants the product for the subsequent sale of the goods, both the IVA and internal taxes, as well as the additional tax, yes, profits and if the product is in a protectionist position, will have to be settled. Favoring the national industry we will find a high tax rate, so this is to take it into account when importing products assembled and / or manufactured in Argentina.
Which document should I relate to each tax?
IVA on imports

The DUA justifies the payment in customs of both the IVA and the corresponding tariff so it should be this document and not another that appears in the record of invoices received.
In addition to having paid IVA, we must include in the book the IVA charged and documented on your invoice by the transport company.
Therefore once the DUA has been correctly entered and the amount charged by the transport company (solely for the services rendered) we will have fulfilled IVA.

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